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Special Features

*Stands alone or integrates completely with Raish’s Accounts Payable,  General  Ledger and Work Order modules

Handles residential and commercial  properties simultaneously, in a single database

Permits up to 999 charge code categories using custom descriptions or predefined categories

Maintains information on current and historical transactions-by entity, building, tenant, date, and charge code

Identifies tenants as active, previous, or future occupants

*Offers flexibility to selectively bill an individual tenant, a range of tenants, or all tenants

Includes a tickler file for each entity, building, unit, and tenant with unlimited notes and reminders

Produces 1098 statements

Provides an Information Center with ability to select tenants individually or globally, based on user specified criteria, for reporting and/or exporting purposes

Management Tools 

Displays entire tenant history at a glance

Tracks all tenants-past, present, and future-either alphabetically or by ID number

Identifies lease expirations and vacancy losses per unit and building

Generates Lease Renewals

Produces annual or monthly rent rolls based on actual or projected figures

Generates lease abstracts, tenant ledger cards, and tenant labels

Tracks legal status; including tickler, notes, legal flags, and late notices

Monitors amounts outstanding and produces various detailed open-item reports

Produces an accounts receivable report detailed or summary, by entity, building or tenant, with a recap of amounts outstanding by charge code

Records security deposits, additional security payments, interest, and the security depository for each tenant

Tracks capital improvements for buildings and individual units

Financial Highlights

Automatically bills recurring charges for the term of the lease and incorporates step-ups, escalations, and pass-throughs

*Generates detailed, comprehensive bills based on financial terms and conditions of leases

Previews billing on-screen or by printed reports

Allows manual billing and addition of miscellaneous charges to bills generated automatically

Creates self-mailer bills or statements complete with current charges and outstanding amounts, by charge code

Calculates and bills late charges for individual tenants by percentage or flat fee, based on grace periods or minimum amounts outstanding

Accommodates alternate billing names and addresses

Produces a consolidated bill for sponsor apartments

Handles Section-8 billing

Applies tenant payments in full or individually, by charge code

Records prepayments

Accepts partial payments, by charge code

Calculates sales tax on applicable charge codes for each tenant

*Integrates fully with General Ledger to produce financial statements by entity and by building


Calculates a variety of escalation billings including: percentage rent, common area maintenance, gross rents, CPI, management fees, real estate taxes, insurance, porter’s wage, expense pass-throughs, and more

Calculates estimated, retro, and adjustment billings; including minimum/maximum amounts and administrative fees

Automatically prorates escalations based on length of tenant occupancy

Offers flexibility to calculate, and not actually bill, anticipated escalations

Allows entering of CPI tables for easy calculation of CPI escalations, or use of predefined CPI tables

Creates multiple escalation letters