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Special Features 

Unique ability to setup one Accounts payable for all entities in a single database

Tracks bank balances by type of account or by entity for each cash account

Streamlines check writing process by MICR encoding checks

Offers flexibility to enter and record vouchers at any time, to any open accounting period

Allows setup of recurring payables
                                                                                                            Eliminates end-of the-month crunch by providing capability to recreate open items for previous accounting periods

Maintains current and historical purchase and payment information by entity, building, unit, tenant or job.

On-screen query of open or paid vouchers by vendor, with original voucher detail

Voids unpaid vouchers automatically while maintaining original transaction detail  
Produces 1099 forms

Generates vendor labels

Management Tools 

Pay vendors in full by cutoff date, or make full or partial payments to individual vendors

Specify vouchers to be paid automatically for the next payment cycle

View cash requirements by due date - by entity, building or job

Place vendors and/or individual vouchers "on hold"

Detailed remittance stub with each printed check

Financial Highlights

Monitors amounts outstanding with aging summary or detail - by entity, building or job
Provides a purchase journal - by entity, building, unit, tenant or job

Provides a check register and cash disbursements journal – by entity, building or job